Sunday, November 2, 2014


... very likely has to have surgery this Tuesday. The procedure should not be life-threatening (above the dangers posed by anything requiring general anesthetic), but she will be hospitalized at least overnight, and I suspect her mobility may be limited for an as yet undetermined period after she is released. I doubt I'll be blogging much for a few days, other than to note the outcome. Wish us both luck!


  1. Good luck and good vibes to both of you! Hoping everything goes as well as possible!

  2. Patch quickly, Stella! And gentle hugs to both of you guys!

    1. Thanks, all. She learns only tomorrow (Mon.) afternoon at about 3:30pm whether the surgery is to be performed. No news before then, I'm afraid.

  3. I will certainly wish you and Stella luck, and hope that whether or not they do the surgery, they find a way to actually fix the problem.

    Being a caregiver, even when you are reasonably healthy is a hard job, so don't burn yourself out.

    1. Good advice, Bryan; thanks. Unfortunately, being crippled oneself does restrict to some extent both the amount and nature of caregiving one can do. It is a mixed blessing that Stella is stubbornly determined to do everything for herself that she possibly can: e.g., she can drive, but risks harming her cast and the injured leg inside it; I can drive, but to very limited distances, and not to a hospital where the only place to park is inside a parking garage accessed by ramps. As a consequence, we will take a cab to and (the following day) from the hospital. And so it goes, with a long list of things each of us can and can't do with reasonable safety. At least I can do some meals and deal with dishes, despite the fact the dishwasher is not functioning properly and the dishes must be hand-washed...

  4. Good luck guys. Hope it all comes out cool.

    1. Thanks, Monk, for your kind wishes. Stella being who she is, she's a bit wound up at the moment, but she just headed off to a full day's work today; that will probably settle her mind to face tomorrow. This isn't heart surgery (or the proverbial brain surgery) so the chances are pretty good that it will come out OK.



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