Saturday, November 29, 2014

DC Judge Orders Woman To Have Cesarean — Woman Dies; Fetus Dies

... and four other horrors inflicted on women by the law. American women live in parlous times if judges feel free to compel them to bear a fetus when doing so imperils their very life.

In the case mentioned in the subject, the judge was aware that the cesarean might kill the woman: he ordered the cesarean anyway, saying he felt the fetus deserved a chance to live.

It's worse than women's obvious second-class citizenship: it is an outright immorality, inflicted by the very people sworn to protect a citizen's rights.

Anti-choice zealots, including those on the bench, set themselves up as gods, lording it over people who disagree with their single repeated theme, that a fetus is equivalent to a born human being. It's too bad: I deny them their right to play God.

(H/T ellroon.)

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