Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Robert Reich: The Wealthiest 0.01% Have Bought Out America's Democracy

... lock, stock and barrel, including the Democratic Party as surely as the Republican. Read the details he offers... and weep.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I remember the first time — I believe it was near the 2012 elections, though it may have been earlier — that I realized that total contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates slightly surpassed those to the Republican Party and its candidates. I knew none of the details which Reich examines in his article, but I knew that the Democratic Party was finished as the party of the working people. I can't say I've had a lot of hope for America since then, at least not as a descendant of the country our founders created. Today, we do what we can — for the sake of women's rights, that usually includes voting straight Democratic, or nearly so — but the country no longer really belongs to its people. Damned shame, if you ask me.

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