Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stella And I Are Home

... thank goodness. It was a good hospital with a good staff, as such things go, but even the best of such matters is necessarily unpleasant, and while we are nowhere near the end of the problem, at least we are at the end of Stella's hospital stay. She has considerable pain and is not as mobile as she had expected to be at this point.

I'll tell you more later. Right now, I have to run to the pharmacy...


  1. I happy that Stella's stay was so short because I frankly view hospitals as places where you get infections.

    1. True, Bryan. The staff... I almost typed "staph"... were very conscientious about using hand sanitizer on entering a patient's room, and so was I; maybe it makes a difference, maybe not.

      I remember there was a commenter over at FDL who went by the handle "Mrs.A"; I suppose she had an infectious laugh...

  2. Home is best. Hospitals are full of sick people. Get better.

  3. I hope you get better, both of you!
    So, Steve run to the pharmacy...

    1. fallenmonk and Enfant, Stella is improving daily. She gets around the house with considerable speed using her walker, and does not need nearly as much pain medication as she had to take in the first couple of days after the surgery. Often she goes a whole day with no painkillers. With the assistance of a friend of mine, a friend of hers and me, we've gotten her computer apparently working again, and she will begin doing some work from home tomorrow. I am optimistic for a full recovery within a month or so, as advertised.



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