Monday, November 3, 2014


... learned today that her surgery has been postponed a week and made contingent on approval by yet two more doctors running an assortment of tests. Meanwhile, when she drives (e.g., to/from work), she suffers even greater, almost incapacitating pain. Isn't our medical care system wonderful? (Steve's sarcasm, not Stella's. Steve is the one who thinks this is a case of yet another two doctors sticking their thumbs into her case and pulling out a plum...)


  1. Poor punkin. Scary she has to drive while in pain... wtf are the doctors thinking? ... if they are at all. Hope they get off their collective duffs and fix her leg.

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes, ellroon. Don't worry about Stella; she's feeling sorry for herself enough for all of us put together. At least she can work from home for a couple of days. They're still running tests on her, but I don't think there's much they can do except the surgery, so it probably will happen.

    2. UPDATE about midnight Fri. 11/7: I rode with Stella today to the hospital and another afternoon full of tests; Stella... not one to complain about her aches... was literally screaming in pain as she drove to the hospital, and had to pull over twice to rearrange things to reduce the pain. Today, once again, they replaced her cast; the new one fits better and does not pain her so regularly. We're counting the (four) days now to surgery...



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