Sunday, September 27, 2015

Articles On Boehner; Articles On Other Outrageous Matters

On Boehner:
According to Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress,
  1. Boehner shut down the government to protect the country from “the threat of Obamacare.”
  2. Boehner killed bipartisan immigration reform because had technical difficulties.
  3. Boehner turned the debt ceiling into a political football.
  4. Boehner ran the least productive Congress in history.
See the article for Volsky's reasoning.

And on a miscellany of outrages:


  1. I would say Boehner's best decision as speaker is his resignation.

    1. c - maybe. We progressives may come to regret his resignation when we see what monster replaces him as Speaker. And I fear Obama's years as an effective president, if he indeed had any, are over.

      It seems there are two basic categories of Republican these days: 1) conservative, and 2) sane. That's largely because the self-classified "conservatives" aren't really conservatives; they are right-wing radicals hellbent on turning our government into an oligarchy advantageous only to the 1%, or perhaps the 0.01%... the truly obscenely wealthy. (I am not opposed to wealth in and of itself: as I read Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography, I am repeatedly reminded that historically, some of America's wealthiest citizens used their riches in part for constructive, even benevolent purposes. But that behavior becomes rarer every day.)

      Back to Boehner, I think he was left with no choice. Unable to control the extremists in his conference, he was unable to accomplish even what a moderate Republican might at one time have been able to accomplish, and I suspect privately he grew weary of facilitating what the radicals wanted. Shutting down the government, repeatedly, for dubious purposes the first time and for increasingly constitutionally questionable purposes each succeeding time it was threatened? I would think a truly conservative Republican would be uncomfortable with that, and a man moved to tears by his spiritual leader's reminder of the duties of any democratic government may finally have decided it was time to, ahem, get the Hell out of government. :-)



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