Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Will The American Media Do When The Pope Has Gone Home?

Well, perhaps they could produce an opera. Here's a duet from it...

Pope... Pope Pope... 
 Pope... Pope Pope...
Pope... Pope... Pope... Pope...  
  Pope... Pope... Pope... Pope...
... etc. ...
Nah... that's too much like what we're hearing right now when anyone but the Pontiff himself is speaking...


  1. As a (very long) lapsed cathoholic I must say I respect this pope and think he is good for the people in his parish. However, I'm beginning to feel I'm drowning in media inspired pope poop.

    1. Shirt, my parents came from incompatible religions (Southern Baptist for my mother; Methodist for my father), so I had a great role model of the importance of religion in family life. :-) Once when I was about 8 or 9 years old they sent me... note, they didn't take me, but did send me... to a large Methodist church in downtown Houston. I was horribly uncomfortable in the children's Bible study class I was placed in, and almost couldn't stammer out an answer when asked point blank if I was going to join the class going forward. I came home and told my parents that I didn't feel I was getting much out of that experience at that time in my life; they accepted that, and didn't send me back.

      When I finally joined a church, I was over 30; it was a Unitarian-Universalist church, and no one was pressing me to attend or participate in a lot of activities; it was fine with them if I just wanted to attend. I joined, and stayed four or five years, until my responsibilities managing Houston Baroque Ensemble left me insufficient time on weekends to do both. UU's (including me) do not proselytize, and if you think you might be a deep-down atheist but feel a need to sing in choir or hear philosophically inclined sermons, you can get those things at a UU church. You can also join (or form) committees if that's your thang... :-)

  2. How about those republican congress-people who boycotted the pope's talk because he believes in climate change? Siiiiiiigh!

    1. c, I'm afraid most Repub's in high positions see religion as a tool for capturing more GOP votes and money. When it comes to actual faith and especially to taking seriously the teachings of Jesus... the mercy, the compassion, the social justice, all that humanitarian s#!t the good Lord really taught... many GOPers are dyed-in-the-wool hypocrites, as surely as they are in so many other aspects. Kim Davis is your archetypal Republican Christian: her "faith" is a vehicle for justifying doing what she feels like doing anyway. Do I disapprove? HELL, YES! Whatever other unfortunate things I've done in life, AFAICR, I've never used my religion as a means to a political end.

      I like your new Pope quite a lot, BTW. I only hope he has some practical influence on the radical conservatives like his predecessor who have a rather different idea what the Church is about. I had to laugh when one local conservative Catholic newscaster called Francis a "radical" ... if he is, we need more "radicals" (i.e., progressives) in powerful religious positions.



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