Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NO, Damn It, I'm Not Watching The Free Air-Time Being Misrepresented As A Debate

The White House is right to announce that it has better things to do than watch. Actually, there is probably nothing to do that is NOT a better use of the time.

Debate, MFA! If any "debate" "moderator" asks an even slightly challenging question to even one, let alone all of the GOP candidates, the whole party will be whining about it for weeks.

To Hell with each and every one of them, including the network owners giving away the air time! So what's next: will Dems, who appear to have three or at most four primary candidates, be generously granted a share of air time proportional to the number of candidates, or proportional to the number of political parties? or both, to minimize both total and individual Democratic air time? I suspect I know the answer to that one, but either way it's an unfair distribution, goddamn the network administrators...

Maybe it's time to declare an end to the debates and compel network reporters to interview every officially entered candidate individually in prime time, so that both the candidates' credentials and the reporters' are on the line with no fakery about a "debate" to get in the way. Never happen, of course, but that is what it would take to make the time spent worthwhile to the viewer.


  1. Time/Warner [CNN} scored 5 hours of 'reality' programming and didn't have to pay the cast.

  2. I let the Rude Pundit watch the debate for me and just linked to his coverage. I thought about playing the Republican Debate Drinking Game, which in honor of the fact that the debate was being held in the Reagan Presidential Library was to drink a shot every time they mentioned the word "Reagan", but I decided that I didn't want to die of alcohol poisoning and besides I had better things to do.



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