Monday, September 7, 2015

[Be]Labor[ed] Day: Obama Orders Paid Sick Leave By Gov't Contracting Firms

It's a start. Lisa Mascaro at LA Times:

Obama adds another worker benefit: paid sick leave


President Obama plans to use Labor Day to announce a new step toward increased benefits for workers -- ordering companies that do business with the government to provide paid sick leave for their employees.

The move, which Obama plans to announce with labor leaders in Boston, adds to a series of executive actions Obama has taken and comes as Congress resists legislation to change labor conditions and pay to cover all private-sector workers.

Obama's executive actions directed at the labor market, which many Republicans see as excessive use of presidential authority, have been designed to boost worker pay and benefits. White House economists say that will lead to higher productivity in an era of stagnant wages, while nudging private companies and Congress to join in updating work conditions.

Hey, working men and women... GOPers despise, detest and disrespect you: take note, and don't ever vote Republican again!

Enjoy your BBQ or "whatever makes ya happy," as the late great do-gooder Marvin Zindler used to close his editorials. G*d, we could use a few Marvin Zindlers today...

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