Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kim Davis For GOP Presidential Nominee

This gal is in and out of jail faster than a two-dollar... ah, never mind; it's not her sexual behavior that I take issue with but rather her willingness, indeed, eagerness to ignore her (presumed) oath of office. I doubt seriously she herself thought of doing that: someone put her up to it, I'm certain. It's a stunt. No, I said "stunt": 's', 't', 'u' ...

Putting aside her willful default of a significant duty of her office, or perhaps in light of that dereliction, she could be the perfect GOP presidential candidate:
  • She believes her religion always, in all circumstances, trumps all other considerations in decision-making.
  • She doesn't think rules... nay, laws... apply to her as they apply to other people.
  • She has found a way to use her criminal nonfeasance to her political advantage with constituents who apparently actually appreciate her family's resemblance to the Clampett family:

  • And she wants to have it both ways: to substitute her personal judgment for that of a federal judge, but nonetheless suffer no legal consequences.
As I said... she's the perfect Repub presidential candidate. The GOPers seem to be having difficulty picking a candidate; maybe they should consider... nah. I forgot: no Republican president will ever be a... woman.


  1. I hate to say this, but very "mayflowery".

    1. Well, c, they had to get here somehow, and I doubt they swam the whole Atlantic... I never hear "Mayflower" that I don't think of Paul Simon's "American Tune," q.v.

      (I am removing your named comment, as there seems to be no way for anyone but a blog author to accomplish that.)

  2. Steve, I just meant that the Pilgrims were similar to Kim Davis in that they felt their religious beliefs trumped the law of the land where they lived and so ended up here in North America. While we are taught in school in this country that they were saintly, heroic folk, in European schools (especially British) we are taught that they were dreadful troublemakers and good riddance to them.



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