Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bag O' Bones

It's many moons from Talk Like a Pirate Day, and "bucket o' blood" is inappropriate for me anyway. Try "bag o' bones" instead. My right fifth metatarsal is exactly that: a bag o' bones, shattered in a lot of pieces. That's the same foot that contains the diabetic wound. Until today, neither my doc nor I thought of looking for a significant fracture, but hey, there it is, and it has been since probably December. It took this long for the fracture to cause enough problems to render me almost unable to walk, even indoors from room to room. That's great fun, I can assure you. My doc is consulting with a specialist about details and possible treatments. Meanwhile... ouch!

UPDATE Friday afternoon: still no word from the docs, but Stella suggested (she's bright, that one!) that I use her desk chair to wheel myself from room to room. It works, fitting through narrow passages where a wheelchair wouldn't go. It's about 5-10 minutes from, say, the bedroom to the other end of the den where I'm tapping this, but there's relatively little pain... a very important consideration! The kitchen, with its flooring and borders, is a bit more of a problem. Still, this is much better than nothing! Unless Samantha comes right here and poses for me, utterly stationary, for about five minutes, there will not be a cat pic today... and well, you know, she's a cat, and not much inclined to co-operation...


  1. I can only imagine the pain and discomfort Steve. I hope there is a solution for this soon.

    Take care!

  2. Well, at least you know the cause and from there there should be a path for treatment. Meanwhile, keep a positive outlook.

  3. jams, no one knows from experience better than you do, just how life-altering an injury or the medical response to it can be. A few months ago, you were using wheelchairs and walkers and so on; now it's my turn. The worst of it is not just the pain, but the fact that accommodating the pain and managing the injury become a full-time job. Like you, Stella is undergoing physical therapy (after the crack in Stella's patella); I suppose I'm next in the queue.

  4. Fallenmonk, I think maybe you and Barbara Ehrenreich need to have a chat...

  5. They get $50/month for a wheelchair rental, and in a city as large as Houston, you should be able to find one to buy for less than $50, as there are a lot around.

    There are a lot of groups that will loan you one for free.

    You need at least a 32" door to get through with one.

    Major bummer, Steve.

  6. OUCH! You've been in pain all this time! I sure hope they can figure something out soon.



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