Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

This morning... indisputably... Stella. She has jury duty in the city courts. I know her: she will bring her undivided attention and soberest judgment to getting it right. Parties in a case may or may not want a fair and impartial trial, but to the extent that a mere determiner of fact can influence the matter, they will get just that if Stella is on their jury. She's the fairest of them all.

Of course, maybe "they" replaced jury verdicts with executive decrees overnight; I haven't read the news carefully yet...

UPDATE:  Guilty! guilty! guilty! Never let it be said that liberals are not tough on crime! Seriously: the charge was speeding in a construction zone, going 92mph through a stretch of road work occupied by an estimated 40 construction workers. No one was hurt, but the speeding was observed visually and then documented by not one but two radar readings. Stella and five other jurors agreed that there was no way the driver wasn't speeding. Why the defendant took it to court is beyond my ability to explain; there's a time to swallow hard, say "I did it," and pay your fine. But I guess she had her day in court. I love the easy ones!

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