Monday, March 29, 2010

Priestly (Di)Vestments

Matt Taibbi (admittedly not everybody's favorite guy) gets into it one more time with the Catholic Church over ongoing pedophilia scandals and Pope Benedict's (Ratzinger's) apparent involvement in cover-ups. The scandals widen, the numbers of kids abused continues to grow, and to all appearances the Church continues cover-ups and evasions of criminal law.

I'm sorry, but the Church receives no special exemption in these matters: priests, as surely as anyone anywhere, must be subject to ordinary criminal law in matters of physical abuse. Until the practices are rooted out and stopped... until the hierarchy of the Church ceases enabling these crimes... it is damned well our business to see that the abusers are found and prosecuted. Too many children's lives and mental health are at stake.

Warning: Catholics may be offended by Taibbi's post. What they should be offended  by is the unconscionable priestly behavior it reveals.

1 comment:

  1. Priests and the church have no trouble at all calling for and even insisting on special privilege for themselves. They believe they should be treated better than us mere mortals. For Christians especially ministers and priests hold a special trust and when that trust is violated the punishment should reflect that violation. It's the old 'bigger they are the harder they fall' gambit. They shame should hold for police, judges, doctors and anyone else which accept the public trust.



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