Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

Please see the picture two posts upstream. Indeed, "I has a sad" about the loss of our cats. R.I.P. Samantha. R.I.P. Tabitha. In-house cat-blogging will have to wait a while; we're still mourning.

Last night I had a literal sleeping dream about Samantha. At least I assume it was Samantha; in the dream, it was a kitten at most a few months old, but it was the spitting image of Samantha as she must have looked at that age. She was playing among the legs of an old-fashioned wooden dining chair; I knew it was Samantha because the deep red finish on the chair legs (courtesy of my late father) set off Samantha's cinnamon highlights.. The image was so vivid I sat up with a start. I leaned forward in my easy chair for a better look (I knew I might not get another chance), somehow tripped the latch on the easy chair's footrest and sent it (and my feet) crashing to the floor, and sighed as Samantha vanished from my view, doing a disappearing number that would have been a credit to the Cheshire Cat.

Bye, gal; I miss you a lot.

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