Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Doc Work

I'm going in for more tests today. I'm sorry the blog is so consumed with personal and medical items lately, but when it takes me 20 min. just to go to the bathroom or for a glass of orange juice, there's just not enough time and energy to do a proper job of researching a real blog post. On top of all that (whine), tree pollen is so extremely high that I am queasy 24x7. I hope to be back in less than a day; thanks for your patience.

Oh... the medical news? It's at least not worse. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for results...


  1. Down here it is all of the foreign trees that people have hauled in over the years. I never had any problems when I grew up down here, but at the moment my sinuses are killing me and there is yellow pollen all over everything outside.

  2. Don't apologize...I'm right there with you. Since Feb. 23rd I've had an EKG and CT scan of my head in Cabo San Luco. Came back to the States and had an EEG and and an MRI of my head. Then this past Friday I had a CT/PET scan of my torso as part of my quarterly check-up. Now my oncologist thinks he found some tiny fractures in my spine (of course there are tiny fractures in my spine, do you know how many times I fell on it during my drinking days?) and wants to do a bone density Oh yeah and my cholesterol is 12 points above normal.

    Hang in there, I'm right with you.
    Good Luck!

  3. CG, yesterday brought some pretty good news for both of us, didn't it! Congrats on your 2nd clean sweep of tests. I look forward to seeing you out here on the net for a long, long time!

  4. Bryan, the yellow stuff does me the worst as well. I keep the mfgrs of Alavert workalikes in business in this season. It's the only downside of having possibly 20 big trees waving in a more-or-less continuous breeze visible out my back window.

  5. Glad your news was positive, too. And thank you for the good wishes. It is my absolute intention to beat this monster and stay around for a quite a while. Hell, my mother beat small cell lung cancer (a far worse variety)when she was 62....she's 81 now. So no reason not to expect a repeat of her success.

    Stay healthy!



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