Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being Given, Um, Sold The Boot


The past two days I've dealt with a new boot for my right foot, one intended not to cure it but to lengthen and level it so I can walk with a walker. Success has been mixed. I'll write more after two docs have had a chance to examine and adjust this rather pricey and markedly inconvenient device.


  1. The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.....Irish Proverb

    Sending good thoughts, Steve!

  2. ellroon, this man with this boot finds it difficult to place his foot anywhere!

    The boot has a sole sloped sharply (left to right) which is also very thick. The result: I am closer to my true height (that leg, without support, is almost 2 inches shorter than the other one, because the foot is folded under,,, possibly due to Charcot foot; we're not certain) and I'm a lot more able to stand upright (though I still need a walker). The device cures... nothing. And the foot still hurts. But it's worth the price just to be able to walk upright. Ah, what we're willing to settle for in old age...

  3. "Ah, what we're willing to settle for in old age..." let's start with comradeship, friendship, encouragement, empathy and a good laugh now and then!



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