Friday, July 2, 2010

We Are Having Weather

Those who do not live on or near a coast may not be aware that tropical weather (in this case former hurricane Alex) can cause severe weather, even after the storm itself is over, hundreds of miles away. We are experiencing that side-effect right now in Houston, even though Alex gave up the ghost in the mountains of Mexico many hours ago.

Much of the city is suffering periods of really severe rain... not much lightning, some wind occasionally, but mostly straight-down, really heavy rain... for periods long enough to flood major freeways and intersections. If you are new to Houston, I beg you: do not take this lightly. In particular, if you are out on the road already or about to head home from work, do not drive into water (e.g., under an underpass) where you cannot see the bottom. A regrettable number of people have drowned that way; many more have lost their vehicles. And do not attempt to swim in a flooded bayou if your car is stranded there: there's a good chance you will be swept downstream to your death.

Stella and I are both safe at home today, as are the kitties. We have canceled appointments and settled in for the moment. The last vehicle that stopped here was a scheduled food delivery; it's rare that there is any advantage to having a cripple in the house, but I am glad we now have at least a week's supply of food just in case we become isolated.

We are still trying to locate some friends, hoping against hope that they are somewhere safe. While we look, we can all say a prayer for non-sheltered homeless people and feral animals; it's going to be a tough night, and the next few days look likely to be almost as bad.

1 comment:

  1. It has rained every day for a week here since Alex sprang up, and not thunderstorms, just heavy periods of rain. Fortunately down on the coast it just disappears into the sand, but in the red dirt up near the Alabama line, things have been a mess.

    I seem to remember that Houston has major storm water run-off problems, so driving is not a great idea.

    Stay safe and dry.



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