Sunday, July 18, 2010

Teachers Or Food: Obama Administration Says Choose One


The Obama administration is downright evil. Read emptywheel from yesterday:

Remember that important NYT story from early this year describing the growing number of Americans whose sole income consists of food stamps?


Well, months after that report came out, some genius in the Obama Administration, according to a very shrill David Obey, proposed offsetting funds to keep teachers in the schools by cutting food stamps. Said genius wanted to cut these people’s only safety net so Arne Duncan could go on privatizing our schools.


Evil, I tell you. Read emptywheel's post. I don't have any notion that I am failing to understand: the administration is, in fact, proposing pitting teacher funding against food stamps, offsetting additional teacher funding with cuts to food stamps.

These are Democrats?

1 comment:

  1. How disappointing, and totally unacceptable! I think it's time to start writing letters!



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