Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wastin' Time


The weekend of the Fourth is at last over and done with, and you've probably even finished your fifth. I noticed that, as usual, the Budweiser Clydesdales... magnificent, large horses; I've been to the ranch in Austria at which they are raised*... participated in somebody's Fourth of July parade:

The eight-horse hitch will be pulling the iconic red, white and gold beer wagon. Standing at 18 hands high (about six feet) at the shoulder, each Budweiser Clydesdale wears a full set of hand-crafted, patent leather and solid brass harnesses.

I suppose the theme song for the people sitting on the beer wagon is... wait for it...

Sittin' On the Bock of the Dray.

(I didn't really do that, did I? I suppose I did!)

* Oops, my mistake. A Lippizan is not the same as a Clydesdale. Both are large, magnificent horses, though.

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