Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boot Pains


My trip to the "boot people" (see upstream post on the boot) yielded only bad news. The fit was bad enough that they're going to have to make a new one... not their fault, necessarily; my foot had swelled since the boot was made, to a point at which the sides of the very hard plastic boot scraped little holes in my skin... but in the week it takes them to make the new one, I am enjoined from walking any more than absolutely necessary. No more making 12 trips a day to the computer! I was already on a light blogging schedule; it may perforce become even lighter.

If necessary, I may email some of those tiny text-only posts from my cell phone. At least I can do that from my easy chair. But the emailed posts are limited in length by my cell phone provider, and they look awful: "nasty, brutish and short," I guess you'd say.

Y'know, aging is a real pain in the... foot.


  1. Damn, Steve, what you have had to endure this past year is just unconscionable. Your blogger buds are thinking of ya and Stella too! Hang in there. How well we know that pain is a mind enemy. peace MandT & Bodhi Dog

  2. ...nasty, brutish, and short.

    like twitter, but now with more characters!

    this is day 2 of playing with my new netbook-- way better than a cell phone, i can tell you. last year's models are on sale cheap right now, if you want to dash out and get one [or send someone out to get you one].

  3. MandT and Bodhi Dog, thank you. It's been hard lately, but there's still hope, not for a cure, but for a reasonable recovery.

    hipparchia, please... no more characters! I've been looking at most of the code blocks of Unicode just to find out what it's all about, and I think 64k characters are quite enough, thank you.

    Did you know that one block of Unicode contains all the Mah Jongg tiles? Well, now you do! Enjoy your netbook; yes, I'd rather have that than a new cell phone any day.

    So instead, I bought a boot that cost about what a Dell laptop with Ubuntu Linux would have...



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