Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Kitty-On-Her-Rocker Blogging


Actually, Lily is on Stella's granddad's rocker, a seat fit for a king (or in this case a queen):

Lily posed for this picture all by herself, waited for me to go get the camera, and stared straight at me as I took the picture... wonders never cease. My only contribution, other than snapping the pic? I gave her two black eyes... in the original pic, the green-eye was a little distracting. (Does anyone know of a photo editor that will correct green-eye without special effort on the part of the user? In the Linux world, of course.)

Notice how fast Lily is growing. Even in real life, even seeing her day-to-day, we notice. So does Esther when the two of them play rough: Lily's mass and strength are obviously better matched to her mom-cat's now.


  1. Yes, Lily is becoming a juvenile, which means growth spurts and slimming down.

    Normally that is accompanied by a reduction in manic behavior and more sleep, however YMMV.

    OT: Gimp is the standard on Linux and someone may have created what you are looking for, but approach with caution.

  2. She is such a beauty.. She still has those adorable kittenish ears though!

  3. Bryan and jams, Lily is betwixt and between: she still looks kittenish, but is still rambunctious and (to Esther's dismay, we think) still wants to suckle her Mama. Esther just gets up and walks away, but we're concerned that Lily may still do some damage before she leaves. Yes, the ears still look like kitten's ears, don't they.

    Bryan, I haven't installed GIMP yet, but it may come to that. It won't save Esther's nipples, but it may allow me better pictures of Lily's assault on them. We'll see.

  4. Rock'n kittah----most definitely cool.



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