Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Senator In Town


Word has it that the Dems will now pass an extension of unemployment benefits. Many words have been wasted by the President and others, explaining why this has taken so long. But it boils down to this:


Democrats have been one vote short of pushing the measure through the Senate. But on Tuesday, a new Democratic senator from West Virginia will be sworn in to succeed Robert C. Byrd, who died last month, putting Democrats in position to overcome the Republican blocking tactic and bring the bill to a final vote.


There... that wasn't hard, was it? Now we can await the Blue Dog Republican Democratic senator who steps up and somehow breaks the deal...

Heh. Manually adding "color:blue;" to the above blockquote caused Blogger to wrap all quoted paragraphs into a single paragraph. The behavior is reproducible, and is one of many crazy-assed editor bugs in Blogger. As it seems Google won't fire him or her, would anyone object if I broke all of the programmer's fingers?

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