Thursday, December 16, 2010

'B' Is For 'Bipartisanship'; Also For 'Betrayal'

TPM's Brian Beutler:

On Thursday night, Senate Republicans killed must-pass legislation to fund the government, and forced Democrats to accept GOP spending demands to avert a federal shutdown. ...

After long deliberations with Republican principals Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced on the Senate floor that nine GOP members had reneged on their pledges to vote for the omnibus spending bill, which reflected months of bipartisan negotiations, and included earmarks benefiting both parties. 

That left Reid several votes shy of the 60 he'd need to overcome a filibuster and essentially vaporized a year's worth of work by the Appropriations Committee.

(Emphasis mine.)

The congressional Republican caucus has not one shred of honesty in its entire leadership or membership. Some of us have understood this for a long time. What will it take for President Obama to wake up to this simple fact? If you want a Republican to do something, you have to use your raw power to stuff it down his goddamned throat. What part of this does he still not understand?


  1. mandt, that may be so, but if so, he's not a very effective one. Nine committed R's jumped ship on the spending bill. And Obama was the one who paid the most for it.

    When Newtie shut down the gummint, the voters made HIM pay for it, not Bill Clinton... if Obama were the political craftsman that Bill was, he'd have made GOPers pay in the last election for all their betrayals. Instead he continues acting like a battered spouse. There is no hope for Obama... he offers only the Oh-dash-it-all of Hope.



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