Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

... to everyone who blogs, starting with jams and moving right around the globe and the clock. Surely 2011 will be an improvement!

AFTERTHOUGHT: 1/1/2011 is my tenth (10th) blogiversary. We bloggers are all fools, but I'm a bigger fool than most of you!


  1. You think you're a fool? I'm working tonight - you don't get any more foolish than that!

    Happy New Year from Germany, Steve! :-)

  2. Happy Blogoversary, Steve!!!! Here's to another decade of your wit and wisdom!!! Mine is coming soon!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Ten Years! That's beyond Paleoblogging, approaching Archaeoblogging.

    Happy New Year and Blogiversary.

  4. Has it been that long? Congrats on a job well done. I'm glad you've been around all this time. Best wishes for the coming year.

  5. That makes me a six-year old (in fools' years).

    Congratulations, Steve! You really deserve something...something.

  6. Happy New Year and Happy blogiversary. Here's to another 10 years.

  7. Divine fools tell the truth! The bigger the better! peace, and Happy New Year to you two.

  8. Happy New Year, and Happy Blogiversary, to you Steve! May 2011 be great for all of us!!

  9. Thank you, each and every one of you.

    Francis, in America, both fools and wise people lack work these days; many would say you're wise for working while you have the work available.

    Kay, thank you. Let everyone know when your blogiversary is, and we'll throw a big virtual party!

    Bryan, I suppose someone who wonders whether bloggers as old as me really exist would be a paleo-ontologist.

    CG, thanks for the good wishes, and the very same to you. We've both been at this a loooong time, had our share of troubles of different sorts, and come out ahead of them. May 2011 be your best and healthiest year yet!

    fallenmonk, thank you. I don't know if I have 10 more years in me, but I'm damned surely not about to give up the struggle yet!

    mandt, I'm always grateful for your presence (both M and T, of course) on the web. Fools rush in, and often as not, blog about it!

    OWL, I wish you and your critters the very best 2011 possible. Thanks for being out there for us all!

    ellroon, what would I do without you? Probably, when poverty struck, I'd get into the melamine-laced catfood... seriously, thanks for keeping us all aware of the important things, and for helping all of us keep our perspective no matter how Dog-awful the situation. Happy, happy, happy!

    Again, thanks to all of you. Have a great 2011!

  10. Oops, I missed terrette...

    terrette, thanks, and the very best to you. What I deserve is oblivion, for which I am not anxious, but like you, I don't know exactly what the "something... something" is that I deserve. Another "Cat Who..." novel, perhaps? (That's where the "Something" comes from. Ask Bryan for details.)

  11. Wow, sorry I missed the big day! But I have a cheese platter left over from a New Year's party; feel free to have a nosh!

    Thanks for all you do, Steve, and thanks for all you write.

  12. Thanks for the good wishes, Bobby. I have plenty of cheese left over right here, and many cheesy posts yet to write...

    Happy New Year to you, and thanks for everything you do.



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