Thursday, December 9, 2010


DADT repeal failed in the Senate. Reid managed to get only 57 votes.

If you had any vestige of a notion that Congress serves the undisputed will of the American people, you can take that notion and about five bucks to Starbucks and buy yourself a venti frappuccino with a lot of flavorings. Or you can leave the notion at home and just hand over the five bucks.

As long as the Senate rules are dysfunctional, we will continue to suffer minority rule. In this case, it results in actual discrimination against LGBT people. What a great nation we have! [/snark]


  1. The military is screwed. They wanted the law because it allowed them to actually prepare for what they know is coming and it prevents their having to do it overnight as a result of a judicial ruling.

    Several cases have already been decided and DADT lost. The only reason the judgments are on hold is because this was imminent and it would make the cases moot.

    Now, the judgments will be allowed to go into effect.

    Gates explained this to them, but they weren't listening.

  2. Bryan, listening doesn't seem to be the Obama administration's strong suit.

    I stand in awe (well, OK, I sit...) that Harry Reid went forward with a vote without knowing with certainty, to the last senator, what the vote would be. So now, presumably, as you say, the court ruling that DADT is unconstitutional will take effect. What a strange form of government we have!



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