Saturday, December 25, 2010

Getting The Wrong Message From The Election

Who's doing that? Obama, of course, says AFP American Edition:

US President Barack Obama is using his Christmas holiday in Hawaii to read up on former president Ronald Reagan, an icon for the resurgent Republicans he will face next year.

The president "is reading a biography right now on Ronald Reagan by Lou Cannon," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs wrote Friday on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Obama has taken an interest in the former president ahead of his return to a more deeply divided Washington next month, when the Republican opposition will assume control of the House of Representatives.


Merry Christmas, America... WASF...


  1. "Taken an interest"? When hasn't BO worshiped at the shrine of St Ronnie?

    The guy really has the sensitivity of a brick.

  2. He campaigned on change we can believe in but regressing to 'Reaganism' doesn't sound like a plan to me. I am scared as hell at what's happening in this country. And no, I'm not gonna apologize for cussin'. I am angry.

  3. Bryan, Kay...

    Bryan, I wish I had never voted for the man. Anyone who could look at the results of the 2010 election and conclude that he needs to move to the right has something else where his brains should be.

    Kay, I'm scared as hell, too, or perhaps just mad as hell. You never need to apologize for cussing on this site; I even use profanity and obscene language in subject lines occasionally. Besides, "hell" isn't a cuss word for a UU like me; we don't believe there is such a thing as Hell. Occasionally someone like GeeDubya Bush makes me wish I did believe in Hell...



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