Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God Damn Mitt Romney To The Hell He Proposes For The Poor

In other words, render him indefinitely unemployed... with no benefits he didn't pay for himself. Starve him. Starve his family. And preach to him incessantly about the virtues of work. Put him in a literal living Hell, the very one to which he would consign our poorest citizens.

(If you ever had any notion that Romney was a moderate Republican, well, here's your answer to that. There is no longer such thing as a moderate Republican.)

AFTERTHOUGHT:  Just in case you think I am benefiting from the unemployment system as it is currently framed, no, damn it, I am not: contractors cannot collect unemployment benefits. But neither am I poor. I am not losing my home. I am not missing meals. I don't have a family to feed. Romney is a right (right-wing?) bastard for even suggesting that employees should pay their own unemployment insurance in the current economy.


  1. When Romney was Governor, he line item vetoed compensation for in-home care workers amounting to little more than minimum wage. As an elder Mormon he believes in magic glasses that read mythical gospels and is one of a piece with the greatest religious fraud of the 19th century.

  2. The habitual mean-spiritedness of the "godly" is just one of the many reasons I'm an atheist. I do find it interesting, though, that even animals have been shown to have a sense of fair play. Maybe that means Xtian fundies are right after all... they really aren't in the same class as animals.

    As for the concept of health savings accounts, and now unemployment savings accounts benefitting the common worker... any other Firefly fans out there? Remember the bit from the pilot episode where Jayne is figuring the crew's potential profits? "Lemme see, nothing minus nothing, carry the nothing..."

    The "moderate" Republican is of course a mythical beast, in the same category as "socially liberal but economically conservative" progressives.

  3. mandt, paintedjaguar...

    mandt, spare me from Romney's magic underwear and its contents. I am really relieved that the federal line item veto didn't pass constitutional muster; it really is an extreme tool of executive power.

    PJ, I'm a UU, which means if I were to go knocking on doors and someone answered, I wouldn't be able to remember why I knocked. UUs traditionally disbelieve the whole notion of damnation; indeed, I'm such an unbeliever in perdition that I feel free to damn people to Hell with genuine confidence that what I say has no effect on them or on me.

    The last moderate Republican president, it pains me to say, was Richard Nixon. He was a goddamned crook, and a natural-born paranoid totalitarian, but he was less radical than Saint Ronald Reagan and every GOPer in the White House since then.



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