Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tucker Carlson On Michael Vick: Execute Dog Torturers

... but he says nothing about torturers of humans. (Here is an example from 2007 in which he speaks approvingly of torture of humans. Apologies for linking to the transcript on a right-wing site, but that's where Tucker Carlson is disgust discussed.)

What a guy. The whole recent segment is nothing but a typical Fox News vehicle for Obama-bashing, but it seems more than a bit extreme... and hypocritical... for Carlson to advocate execution as punishment for torturing dogs.

Hypocritical? Yes. I mean, c'mon, Tucker... did you eat meat for dinner that night? Where do you think that meat came from; did the meat fairy leave it in your kitchen? You've doubtless seen videos taken in stockyards; do you think the cattle are treated humanely before they are killed? Should you, Tucker, be executed for condoning that treatment so you can have your steak for dinner? Back off a bit, and try applying the same standard to yourself as you apply to Vick. Now how does that feel?


  1. Wjhy anyone listens to Tucker Carlson is beyond me. And Michael Vick isn't on my priority list either.

  2. Kay, I'm neither a football fan nor a watcher of Fox Noise. Moreover, I'm hardly objective in the first place, because I oppose the death penalty under all circumstances. But Carlson intended to cause a stir, and he succeeded in doing just that.

    Is this really dangerous, or merely big talk? I say it's dangerous. I could well imagine, in these increasingly insane times, a long list of federal crimes to which the death penalty might be added by crazed right-wing Republicans in Congress, unopposed by recently cowardly congressional Democrats. And as the rules of due process are ripped bodily from the Bill of Rights, it could well come to a point at which mere accusation is guilt, and people are executed without trial, on the say-so of, say, one person, the president. Now that scares me... and offends me.

  3. Trying to be the good Buddhist I would actually think that letting Vick have a dog would be a good thing. I feel pretty sure he has learned a lesson from all this and there are millions of shelter dogs that could find a good home with him. I would restrict him to a small breed and no pit bulls or rottys.
    As Kay says..there is no reason to listen to Tucker. He has nothing to say that I want to hear and it improves my world if I just ignore him and all the rest of the cretins that haunt Faux News.

  4. fallenmonk, I would agree, with one additional condition: Vick must live with some person he respects, and the dog must be officially in that other person's care. That's as close as one could come to having any assurance that Vick will not abuse the dog.

    Animal abuse is distressingly common in America (perhaps elsewhere as well; I don't know). Puppy mills set up tents and cages near the highway around Christmas, selling abused pups to parents who don't know any better; many of those pups die of preventable diseases. Ethical pet stores do not sell cats and dogs, for the very reason you offer: there are plenty of shelter dogs and cats that need homes. (Our usual pet supply store periodically donates space to one of the local shelters that seek to place cats or dogs; you practically have to give them your life history and swear an oath of good treatment to take one of those animals home.)

    I'd be very reluctant to send a dog home with Vick. I would have to be seriously persuaded that he has changed irreversibly... and even though I utterly oppose executing Vick, I'm not there yet.

  5. i'm opposed to the death penalty, and i refuse to agree with anything tucker carlson says, but otherwise, you can probably guess how i feel.



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