Thursday, December 9, 2010

Krugman: White House Plan Screws Stimulus Again

The Shrill One says that what Obama and the 'publicans propose won't work to get the economy started. Read FDL's Scarecrow and then Krugman. Just one man's opinion? Well, yes, but I've learned to listen to that one man. It's not that he's never been wrong, but he's been consistently right about this depression. You'd think that would be enough to make the President listen to him, but noooo...


  1. The stupid really can lead to despair. Why don't they listen to Krugman?

  2. fallenmonk, I should have realized when Obama ran a nearly perfect campaign that he is primarily a politician, not a public official interested in governing. His poll numbers, bad as they may appear, are still higher than any recent president (including even Reagan). I can understand why anyone would choose to pursue activities they're good at, regardless of the needs of the nation. But he appears to have decided to be a one-term president... and to stiff his base at practically every opportunity. I suppose you've seen Mark Fiore's latest animation... it's almost too true to be funny.



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