Thursday, February 12, 2015

Alabama Redneck Has A Sense Of Humor About Gay Marriage

There is hope yet for Alabama, as long as people like Jeremy "J.T." Addaway live there and project dry humor about a subject that seems to have upset a lot of Alabamans:
Redneck though he may be, Mr. Addaway has a better attitude than a lot of people confronted with the fact that gay marriage is quickly becoming a reality everywhere in America. If gays marry in Alabama, why should anyone be anything but happy for the young (or old) couples? It's not as if they head right away for a pile of brush on your land as soon as the wedding is over, And sure enough, I just looked out the window, and there are none falling from the sky...

ASIDE: Stella has still not voiced any suggestion that gay marriage in Texas, when it gets here RSN despite legislative temper tantrums, will adversely affect our relationship. I was really worried: Our House doesn't have room for all the LGBTs who would doubtless flock to our door when the law is changed...

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