Thursday, February 5, 2015

Welcome To McAllen, TX — Here's Your Walmart Library Card!

Perhaps I've died and gone to some sort of heaven. Where else would Walmart shut down a facility in a city in extreme south Texas, which then repurposed the building, parking lot, etc. as a public library? Well, actually, that happened in McAllen, TX...follow the link to Kos for some pics of the striking, spacious facility, as nice in appearance as the public library at the end of my street in Houston, and one heckuva lot bigger...

They probably need the extra space: McAllen's population is over 77% Hispanic/Latino, so it is appropriate that they have the space to house the bilingual (actually multilingual) collection in the largest single-floor library structure in America. And the food facilities, inside and out, exceed the food courts in a lot of strip malls and even larger malls.

Good for McAllen! When can I move there?

Here are a few pics a LOT more pics, including these of two huge rooms (among many similarly large spaces) ... and I didn't even bother with the food areas!

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