Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lesley Gore (1946—2015)

Lesley Gore, from intro to PSA version of
"You Don't Own Me," urging women to vote
(implied: for Democrats), 2012 Elections
Apologies for missing Gore's passing away about a week ago; Peter Rothberg at The Nation sums up her life and career for others who may have missed her departure, or are too young to have heard her when she was actively performing. Now there's a memory of my youth I can celebrate! I do wish she could have stuck around longer; 68 seems far too young to die.

Check out the PSA version of Gore's song You Don't Own Me, made independently as her statement on the Obama v. Romney race; it's the last video on Mr. Rothberg's post.

(If you ever have the unenviable task of posting a pic of me for my obit, please post one showing something approximating my true age at death. I am no kid; neither was Ms. Gore. My strong sense: she would want her gravitas revealed in all its glory. Me too.)

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