Monday, February 9, 2015

The Two Seasons — How Long Before It's Just One?

It's still the first half of February: the Sun is shining; the temp at noon is 75°F and climbing. Houston has taken a bold step straight into Spring ([/a‐CHOOO!] no, I don't mean the small, well-appointed community north of Houston); and... hey, wait a minute! It wasn't like this when I was a kid! Summer didn't begin in February!

Before she headed to work, Stella dutifully turned off both heating and cooling systems, leaving me with importunate instructions to turn the A/C on before the house gets up to 79°F... not being a native Houstonian, she does not tolerate days like this one in which the temp ranges over 30°F from mid‑afternoon to midnight. Me, I shrug and doff or don layers of clothing as needed, but in fairness, I grew up thinking 87°F was a pleasant Spring day, and A/C was not turned on in a day that was forecast to peak at less than 92°F.

The subject of this post is for real. For two or three decades now, Houston has done without Spring and Fall. At most, those seasons lasted a week... if that long... and now they're effectively gone altogether.

How long before there's just one season here... Summer? I may live to see the day.


  1. What climate change? Here in the North Bay, robins came in December. It's February, Cherry Trees are blooming, lilacs, Tulips and a full blown Spring unfolds----more than a month early. Many growers are moving further up into the Sierra elevations and even there we have only 30% of snow pack. Maybe it's time to invest in Noah' s future shares.

    1. Michael, I saw my first robin at least a month ago, and I know they were around here before that. Some plants have already run their full cycle... through flowers to pollen (at least some insects seem to have adapted) to that slightly baked look of a dry summer... except summers aren't supposed to be dry here. It's nuts, and it's driving me nuts.

      At least it reminded me to renew my Sierra Club membership just today, and reminded me just why I was renewing.



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