Friday, February 6, 2015

Dem TX State Rep. Supports Open Carry In Principle, But Won't Vote For Bill Because He Was Confronted-Threatened In His Office

Kudos to Texas State Rep. Poncho Nevarez (D-Dist. 74) for refusing to be threatened in his office by a group of gun‑toting gun nuts very demonstrative open‑carry supporters into voting for their proposed open‑carry bill, which allegedly would mandate the death penalty for an official who restricted a citizen's open‑carry "right".

The head nut OC supporter published (on Facebook and YouTube), then retracted by claiming a copyright dispute, a video in which he ranted about the Constitution and the need for the death penalty. (I have not seen the video, which was apparently up for only about a half hour; I'm depending for my facts on the TPM article by Ahiza Garcia.)

I'm sorry, but passionate support for open-carry legislation may NOT be legally (or even sanely) conveyed to legislators by filling their offices with men carrying presumably loaded guns. That's not how it's done in a democracy: a roomful of tin-pot dictators is no better than a single tin-pot dictator.

An open-carry group demonstrates
in sight of TX state capital in Austin.
(Not sure, but this is apparently NOT the same
OCT group that threatened Rep. Nevarez.)
UPDATE: Richard Rowe, in an article cross-posted at Crooks and Liars, managed to capture and post the video of the encounter in Rep. Nevarez's office. According to Rowe, this particular group within Open Carry Texas is so extreme that other OCT groups really don't want to be associated with them. I don't blame them; neither would I if I were in their shoes. Click the link, go over to C&L, read Lowe and watch the video, shudder, then have a good stiff drink... presuming you're not packin' at the moment...

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