Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Disabled Person's Fantasy Comes True In Brazil

The Daily Mail (!) summarizes the whole story in the headline:
NEVER park in a disabled bay in Brazil! Crowd cheer as inconsiderate driver returns to find his entire car has been covered with a blue badge symbol
... made of sticky notes. No apparent actual damage was done to the car, but the "stickering" obviously irritated the bejezus out of the returning driver who parked it there... no damage done, unlike the act of a healthy person's parking his or her car in a handicapped zone, which has actual consequences for the next unfortunate disabled driver who finds the space blocked (illegally, in most areas).
Maybe stickering could become a regular practice! Worldwide!

Hey people, we cripples need those spaces. Depending on our disabilities, we may not be able to park two blocks away and walk or wheel to our destination: the usurpation of a close parking space may compel us to abandon our errand altogether. (Yes, I've had to do that: every cripple has, most of us more than once.)

I can see a healthy driver's wanting a close parking space, but dammit, for us cripples, when you block our spaces, it's not a matter of mere inconvenience. The most ordinary of acts, the simplest of tasks is hard enough for us without your making it harder for no good reason. And don't give me that "I'll only be a minute" bullshit...


  1. Well Done!!
    A woman and her little boy parked her car in THE ONLY ONE parking for disabled people (otherwise: people with special needs).
    So, last week, a woman and her little boy parked her car in a Super Market in the underground.

    1. Thanks, Enfant! I've seen quite a few parking lots, even some large ones, with only one "handicapped space" (as they are typically called in the US, notwithstanding that the space is not what is handicapped!). One of my favorite restaurants is in a small strip center that has two such spaces, but they are as far as possible from any business in the strip... trust me, reducing the length of the walk is part of the point of providing such spaces.

      To the woman you mention, I say brava dama; that reminds me of the main office of the large investment firm with which I USED to have a lot of money invested... they have a huge parking garage, but once I've parked I have to walk probably 100 meters including an outdoor flight of about 50 steps. (In fairness, as an alternative, they also have a 30m ramp, if I'm willing to walk an additional 20m to the bottom of the ramp.) As one of author Kurt Vonnegut's more introspective races of space aliens put it, "So it goes."

  2. Here's the gif of him finding his post-it noted car:

    1. Thanks, ellroon. All the commenters who make a big deal of the possibility that it is faked or staged are missing the point: for a cripple, the whole show is great fantasy revenge; I've never seen better! And if it makes even one bastard hesitate to park in a handicapped spot, it will have done one of its most important jobs.



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