Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soon We May Be Having Weather

It's pleasant and sunny in Houston at the moment, but if I disappear for a few days, you may want to look at more recent stories about what is now Invest 91‑L. Our main worry if we do get a hurricane is not the wind... this house has withstood everything Mother Nature has blown at it over the past couple of decades... but the water. The ground has not exactly dried out from those floods we had a week or two ago.

I'll try to post for as long as we have power and a 'net connection, and may put up one of those text-only email posts from my cell phone even if we don't.


  1. Gah.. I thought I had copied my comment because sometimes the comment box mysteriously eats my comment... but it has disappeared into the cybermist...

    Maybe an inflatable boat in the living room or the roof? Practice holding your breath for minutes? At least put your kitties into those pool arm band inflatables... and take pictures when your arms stop bleeding?

    Stay dry and safe, Steve!

    1. ellroon, thanks for your concern. I believe two things which may be true or false, but one has to make one's best guess on these things:

      * this may be a bad storm, but it won't be the worst tropical storm or hurricane we've ever survived;
      * we have made all reasonable preparations given the shortness of notice: we have a couple weeks of food and water on hand, including a lot of canned stuff that can be eaten w/o cooking if necessary, already accumulated over several weeks; over 100 small bottles of drinking water, ditto; several gallons more of potable water that we can use for washing dishes, etc.; and one gallon of distilled water for me to use in maintaining my stump. There are a few things I'd have done if we'd known more than 2-3 days in advance, but we didn't, so we had to prioritize. Fortunately we had done at least some advance preparation as we do every hurricane season.

      No inflatable boat; you wouldn't catch me even in a sturdy boat on flood-swollen bayous except as a last resort. If this house truly floods (which most probably will not happen), it may just be my time...

      Relax. Get in bed and think pleasant thoughts. Persuade Mr. ellroon to give you a massage. "Don't worry. Be happy!"

  2. Just make sure you have all your storm supplies. Plenty of wine, cheese and bread, Stay safe.

    1. All set on all those matters, fallenmonk! As an old Houstonian, I learned long ago through many storms to prepare 2 or 3 days before the storm, not wait until the last minute, and it's a good thing I did. I just finished moving my reading corner back from the patio window of the den, which (rightly or not) I believe is the likeliest spot at which a flood would come into the house if it does. Now it's just a matter of waiting, or in the worst case, scrambling around trying to save stuff... advance apologies if my next post says only something like "SAFE" sent from my cell phone...



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