Monday, June 8, 2015

WSJ Article On Bernie Is Not As Unflattering As One Might Expect

"Bernie Sanders Draws Crowds With Matter-of-Fact Message," says the headline in the online edition of the Newspaper of the 1%, and I have to admit, that is what draws me to Sen. Sanders, at least as much as his policy positions: Sanders is as no-nonsense a candidate for high office as I have ever encountered.

Let me make one thing clear. I understand that Sanders will not become the Democratic Party's candidate for president. (I admit, though, I am astonished that, per WSJ, he is only "[t]railing Hillary Clinton by nearly 50 points," pretty good for a guy with scant official party backing and no history of residence in the White House.)

And I want to see a woman POTUS within my lifetime. When Sen. Sanders is, inevitably, defeated in the primaries, I shall vote for Secy. Clinton with no serious regrets.

But meanwhile, I urge you to help me help Sen. Sanders to represent the "democratic wing of the Democratic Party" (as the late great Wellstone put it, and believe me, that wing includes me) in the face of the now almost fully dominant neoliberal wing of the Party. That wing needs to hear from the rest of us, the FDR/JFK wing, loud and clear. Join me in shouting... we can be strident and undignified in a way that Bernie would never allow himself to be!


  1. Okie Dokie, Sanders, it is! But if Hillarie runs away with this thing I swear I will vote for Orly Taitz again It will remind the party that, while not willing to spoke their wheel, some will pee on the bearings.

  2. Shirt — :-)

    I will vote for Orly only for jailbird. IIRC, the last judge she confronted with her cooked-up tale said something equivalent to "Begone, and don't come back... or you can expect a paid vacation courtesy of the gummint!" You know I find a lot of fault with Mr. Obama, but none of his faults have anything to do with his place of birth, except in the fevered brain of people like Taitz.

    I used to be an actual member of the Democratic Party, and it was once a respectable thing to participate in. Notwithstanding what I wrote above, if I end up having to vote for Hillary, I will regret not so much that vote as the sad reason for my casting it: namely, it will mean that there's nobody better left in the race. Sic transit gloria mundi.

    And Shirt... you could do worse than Sanders. Much, much worse!



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