Thursday, June 18, 2015

Republican Death Obsession

A Supreme Court death spiral for ObamaCare. Death panels for coverage of end-of-life counseling. Getting rid of the death tax. Why would anyone trust the death-obsessed GOP at the helm?


  1. They want more guns for the celebration of death! Because death is scary and we need to kill everybody else so we won't die or something... Logic has nothing to do with it! Kill to Live!

    1. "Logic has nothing to do with it!"

      Isn't that the truth!

      I used to think part of the difference in outlook on guns was driven by where the observer lives: People in big cities are less liable to be fond of guns because they face a very real possibility of being on the wrong end of one sometime in their lives (possibly very near the end). Country folk take them as a matter of course, a tool for use in daily life for hunting, dispatching rattlesnakes, etc.

      In recent years I'm not so sure. By all rights, everyone should fear guns and want them as far away as possible from their families. But there seems to be a craziness in the (frequently toxic) water and air in America that drives a lot of people to feel more secure with a lot of guns around. Not me. I'm not crazy, and I don't want guns around except when they are absolutely essential.

      We are imprisoning more and more of our citizens (disproportionately, young Black men) allegedly to reduce crime. I think that rather than throwing so many people in the slammer, we'd be better off licensing people to keep and use guns. We do it with other dangerous objects like cars, and no one seems to feel that is a constitutional violation even though owning and using a car is indisputably an American citizen's right; why does the law not treat the most dangerous object of daily life the same way?

      At its worst, the horror of gun violence in America makes me wish I had been born elsewhere. (I'm sure many NRA members feel the same way about me. F^<k 'em!)



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