Friday, June 19, 2015

Damn You, Sen. Graham...

... this is in the poorest possible taste, and that's the least unkind thing I can say about it:
Sen. Lindsey Graham Pretend-Shoots Sen. Bernie Sanders with Shotgun
By EricLewis0 [at Kos]

A partial transcript of an MSNBC segment in which Sen. Lindsey Graham teaches Kasie Hunt how to skeet shoot:
GRAHAM: "I'm gonna get you motivated to want to kill the clay pigeon..."

Photo: ericlewis0

GRAHAM: "Alright, do a Bernie Sanders."


GRAHAM: "Pull!"


GRAHAM: "Sorry about that, Bernie!"

Of course, from this point forward, I can't win: if I object to the deplorable "humor" of one US senator's false threat to "kill" another senator, I'll be damned as "having no sense of humor." If I don't say anything, then by default, I condone Graham's attempt at a quip... which I emphatically do not. I'm damned if I laugh, and I'm doubly damned if I don't laugh.

But this is not funny: rather, it reveals a fundamental paradox which gun nuts allow themselves regarding their deadly toys. We should not tolerate the "I was only kidding" defense from them... ever. Real guns, loaded and ready to fire, are serious business and should always be taken seriously, under all circumstances. Period!

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