Monday, June 8, 2015

Bernie For Prez — DOGGEREL!

Of course, after the previous post, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat must deliver a verse advocating Sen. Bernie Sanders for President:

Bernie for Prez
Leave out all the neolib's,
Every Bush, their kids, their sib's,
Every GOPer. I've got dibs
On the man named Bernie.

Skip all guys with names like "Lincoln"
(Too Republican, I'm thinkin').
At O'Malley we're not winkin',
To that favorite son not blinkin'.
Better stick with Bernie.

For the moment, even Hil
Doesn't give my heart a thrill,
Posture: cautious, sometimes chill;
Politics: resembles Bill?
Trade: she's silent... why not spill?
Think I'll vote for Bernie.

Need a prez with knowledge vast?
One not living in the past?
One at whom you're not aghast?
One whose mind is quick, not fast?
Cool, unruffled, unharassed?
Each of you: I hope you'll cast
Your one vote for Bernie!
— Steve Bates


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, milady! If only you had a vote in this election... ;-{

  2. Replies
    1. Michael, thanks! What else can we do? Sen. Elizabeth Warren declines to run for prez in 2016, and Hillary, though far from stupid, is not exactly what I'd consider "progressive" ... %-{



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