Monday, June 15, 2015

‘A Little Ray Of Sunshine’

That describes neither of us humans in this house, and neither of the cats. But we did see that little ray this morning, for a few minutes just before it up-and-poured rain at a rate that looked liable to flood the patio within minutes. That wasn't supposed to happen until late this afternoon; I was worried. But the intense rain stopped in about a half hour, and the ground here at Our House is not really saturated yet... it has been drying out since Memorial Day. So we're not flooded yet, and moments ago we had Another Little Ray of Sunshine. The TV meteorologists have succeeded in scaring the crap out of me about the approaching weather, but my reaction at the moment is that no one told me that a major symptom of global climate change would be truly weird, erratic weather.

Something's fishy in chair and weather
(too bad our chairs are not this whimsical)
Welcome to our age; please take a chair, a patio or lawn chair. Take it into the garage, so it won't blow away or float away...


  1. They finally declared it a tropical storm, but it is going to flood out from Houston to Chicago. It looks like the center will come ashore south of you, which means that you are really going to get rain.

    Stay safe.

    1. Thanks, Bryan; I'll do my best. I think the center is forecast to land at Matagorda, which leaves us up the coast to the east, which given a counterclockwise rotation means we get the "dirty" side of the storm. The rains are forecast to start at 4:00am Tues. and continue into Wed. or maybe even Thu. This is the first time I've actually been concerned at our being at the low point of the length of our street, but that can't be changed. I take some hope from the fact that at every stage so far, the rains have been either less intense or more brief than forecast. And the ground started out quite dry before the storm-related rain began, and I just heard from Houston Mayor Parker and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett that the larger bayous (from here, the closest bayou is Brays, and it's 3 or 4 blocks away) are starting out about half full. Best of all, historically, this neighborhood floods literally never (well, hardly ever... and never while we've lived here). So there's reasonable hope that we won't end up with flood waters inside the house. Wish us luck!

    2. Clarification: our immediate area started out quite dry. Some other locations started out quite wet from the storms 3 weeks ago, and the Trinity River is still at flood stage from that event.



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