Saturday, July 11, 2015

GOP Prez Candidate Raises $100 Million... No Beating (Around) The Bushes!

How would you like another Bush family member as POTUS? He would be the THIRD member of his family to hold that office, and I understand their younger generation is reaching adulthood. Royal dynasty, anyone?

Well, you just might get another Bush, like it or not: more than a year out from the 2016 elections, in fundraising through the second quarter, John Ellis Bush has already raised a hundred million US dollars ($100 million)... probably enough to buy the election a couple of times over. (Warning: link is to auto-starting CNN video page. See several well-scrubbed Republicans talk enthusiastically about well-scrubbed Republican fundraising!)

$100 million? Jeebus!

Or perhaps I should say, JEB!ush!

We should have known Citizens United would get us another Bush in the White House. You know I do not lightly advocate amending our Constitution, but if we don't end Citizens United we could very likely see the end of our democracy. What's that? Oh. Yeah, I suppose one could argue it's already gone... [/sigh] I suppose you may as well just Put Your Trust in JEB!ush... (Note: the music is actually pretty cool! Somehow, though, I don't think they're singing about JEB!ush...)

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