Friday, July 10, 2015

‘It's Friday, Cats! Let's Party!’ Sings Esther

The cat's in the basket, says Stella, though it looks like a box to me. In any case, Esther seems to like the rough texture of the two kinds of cloth that cover the object both inside and out:

Actually, Lily speaks or sings about 10 times as often as Esther: Lily will hold an actual alternating conversation with a human, as long as the human speaks adequate Miau.

(Photo by Stella.)


  1. Stella's iPad pictures of Esther and Lily have given me a reason to actually look to the capabilities of my iPad seriously.

    You must really have the temperature low in your house because the ladies are both seen tucking their peds in to keep them warm.

    Sox and I often had 'conversations' :)

    1. "You must really have the temperature low in your house..." - Bryan

      Bryan, in summer, Stella's preferred indoor temp and mine differ by at least 10°F. You can imagine whose preference wins out... :-) I can survive the temp; the electricity bills are another matter... right now it's 11:40pm CT and the a/c is running full blast. In fairness to Stella, it's 81°F according to the Gnome 3.0 Shell's taskbar, and I believe it!

      I still don't like the iPad, but I've come to have considerable respect for the underlying technology. It's a quite decent camera for indoor use, and also serves Stella as a way to check email (or find business hours for a restaurant) from anywhere there's a wi-fi connection. And Stella... not I, but certainly Stella... can probably type 50wpm on the onscreen keyboard. Her employer gave one to each of her professional employees, and IMHO the boss knew what she was doing... Stella uses it for work probably 5x as often as for silly cat pics.

    2. Oh, and re: Sox... some cats "converse"; some don't. Lily does, a whole lot; obviously so did Sox. Esther mostly doesn't. I don't know if it matters, but Lily seems to me to be the more neurotic of the cats at Our House. :-) OTOH, Esther is manifestly sensitive to human needs, whereas Lily's motto is "Me! Me! Me!" :-)



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