Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lily The Art Critic

... with her buddy the Good Luck Cat...

Photo by Stella, on her iPad. The quality of photos from that device is astonishing; you should see the pic prior to web-shrinking!

I'm pooped; I'll post more later, or maybe tomorrow morning.


  1. OMGosh, Lily's imaginary friend is actually Manekinekko!

    1. Well, M, Lily is by any standard pretty damned lucky! Daddy abandoned her, her mom and four other kits, but someone scooped all of them up (except Daddy, of course) and dropped them on the steps of our regular vet's office, and then Stella showed up to adopt Lily and her mom (Esther) and give them both an outstanding home! Actually, Stella and I had gone to many Asian restaurants that displayed the luck-waving cat; Stella decided she had to have one, but the one she picked out and brought home from a shop in Houston's former east Chinatown (now mostly defunct) turned out to have the magnet that makes the arm wave mounted backward. But again, that Manekinekko was also lucky that Stella likes to adopt disabled critters, and thus joined the two flesh-and-fur kitties in Our House. Sometimes, despite all odds, things actually DO work out...



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