Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Last Of The Big Flats

A chain pharmacy with a huge presence in Houston carried a truly undistinguished lager named Big Flats, which a quick google tells me has been around since 1901. Starting in the week before Super Bowl Sunday a few years ago and continuing through those years, the pharmacy sold Big Flats really, really cheap, and for good reason. But sometimes a guy (in the gender-nonspecific sense of the term) needs a beer even if that guy is not flush with cash, so over the past few years I've drunk a fair amount of it. Here's a can (and half a glass) of Big Flats sitting on the table next to my reading chair (click the pic for a lager beer, uh, a larger image):

Well, that pharmacy just discontinued selling Big Flats. Since I'm not quite ready to inflect my pitch from Flats to Sharps (which is neither cheap nor alcoholic), I'll be consuming that pharmacy's new cheap beer, Frio, another undistinguished lager and, worse yet, a "light" beer. But I like the pic on the Big Flats can (hmm... based on the pic, is it "a lager for a logger"?), so for pure nostalgia I snapped it in its natural habitat as seen above.

Here's to cheap beer for tough times!

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