Monday, July 27, 2015

Shatner: Sen. Cruz's Remark About Kirk ‘Silly’

Awwww, gimme a f^<kin' break!

It's been said before, and knowing the Rethugs, it'll be said again. The only part of it that is true is that a lot of military men and women are GOPers. The related fact not stated by Cruz is that a lot of them are NOT Republicans. I've encountered plenty of each, including some excellent officers, and there is simply no basis for Cruz to go predicting someone's politics from their excellence as an officer.

Get over it, Cruz: your assertion... and you... are full of crap.


  1. It is actually a regulation that military leaders are apolitical, although only a few, like William Tecumseh Sherman, meet that standard.

    1. Bryan, I knew there were rules about wearing uniforms to political events; I wasn't sure how far those rules extended. What makes sense to me (FWIW) is that military leaders not express their political opinions in situations in which they are effectively representing the military to the public. I suppose there's not much to prevent someone like GeeDubya Bush from seizing every opportunity, while he was the Preznit, to appear in photos and videos with uniformed military personnel. But as Cruz demonstrates, there are more than one or two a**hole jerks who have taken the presidency...

    2. Actually the rules state that members of the the military should conduct themselves so that their political or religious beliefs are not obvious to anyone, to avoid affecting their subordinates as well as civilians.



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