Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Birthday To Stella, From ‘Vera, Chuck And Dave’

Which birthday? This birthday! [YouTube video]

Stella, Steve, Kemah Jazz Festival, 2011
I could spend a whole graf listing Stella's virtues (compassion, intelligence, talent as a painter and writer, etc. etc.), but the daily reality of living with Stella, the one I couldn't ignore if I tried, is that this now 64-year-old woman looks about 32. Or younger. And it's a great-looking 32 she looks... her facial features, complexion, figure and the rest all contribute to my distraction. When asked how she manages to keep her, um, stellar appearance, she invariably replies, "It's all those young male virgins I sacrifice." I have no idea where she finds them in this day and age. Or why, having found them, she continues to hang around with me. My good fortune!


  1. Absolutely wonderful---Happy Birthday. Nothing like the poetry of love to bring sunshine to a day!

  2. Happy birthday to Stella! And I'm thrilled for you both for you are equally fortunate!

  3. Many happy returns of the day, [assuming that Stella doesn't object to having people remembering her birthday] :)

    1. Thanks, all! Stella had a great celebration... not to be confused with a grand old party; she would never have that! Bryan, no, Stella is happy to have you (or anyone) remember her birthday; thank you.



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