Monday, May 10, 2010

Al Gore On The Global Consequences Of The Spill

Here. A man who could, if he chose, be shouting "I TOLD YOU SO!" at all his doubters chooses instead to explain the science of global climate change to the audience of people who actually give a damn. I hope that includes you. Please read Gore's article.

(H/T Fallenmonk.)


  1. I am becoming more and more discouraged about seeing anything positive on the alternative energy front. Despite the tragedy in the Gulf all we'll see is concern about gas prices and hand wringing over how to 'safely' drill offshore in spite of the middling impact it will have on the energy supply.

  2. fallenmonk, far be it from me to counsel patience, but we just suffered 8 years under a preznit and veep who were, in fact and in spirit, oilmen.

    Because I've worked in the industry as a contractor... there's no worker in the city of Houston who has not at some time worked in the "awl bidness" ... I know a lot of those people, and I regret to tell you with great confidence that they will never, ever change. You'll hear "drill, baby, drill" from them when the rest of the world has moved to solar, wind, tidal, biomass, whatever.

    The culture of oil gets in some people's blood, and as long as they have political power, they don't care what anyone else thinks about energy sources, climate change, pollution etc. Fight like hell to get them out of political power, but don't expect those people themselves to change even one tiny bit.



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