Sunday, May 9, 2010

How Bad Is The Spill?

This bad:

A not-funny joke: Did you hear BP tried to use an improbable-looking device to compress the oil back into the hole? All they got was another tarball.


  1. Jesus that is grim. I shudder to think what the full extent of this disaster will be

  2. jams, send some good thoughts to Bryan and hipparchia, who live almost literally on the Gulf Coast. (I am about 50mi away.)

    Bryan in particular lives in a tiny community whose primary industry is tourism, and it gets the tourists because of its sparkling clear waters and pure white sands, like few other beaches in America. Will they still be that way in a week or two? Who knows.

    Absent a technological miracle, the likelihood is that some communities will be destroyed for, say, 20 years... that's how long it took with the Exxon Valdez spill, and this spill is almost inconceivably worse. Fishing industries could be devastated, leading to widespread hunger right here in allegedly prosperous America. Hey, was this in the script?



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