Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Scared(y) Cat Blogging

The kitties have arrived! Esther is so freaked that she spends a lot of time hiding, so kitten Lily has the honors of the first web appearance:

Why scared? We were the ones who were scared! Shortly after Lily's arrival, after walking around mewing constantly for a few minutes, she hid and went silent. We hunted for her for close to an hour, increasingly frightened that she had gotten trapped and perhaps harmed... or worse. Eventually, Lily coughed, making a classic cat barfing noise (sorry to be so explicit), and both of us heard it. Soon she was found, beneath a bookcase and behind a stack of wall mirrors we never put up. Stella wept while we searched; I cried when she was found... what a relief!

Lily is a sweet, curious, active, playful kitten, and I hear Esther is similarly well-disposed. She'll be around eventually.


  1. Lily looks like a silver tabbie, although it's hard to tell as they are mostly ears at this point in their lives.

    She will be very busy finding things to get into and investigating new smells.

    They don't like changes they don't create themselves.

    If Esther is weaning Lily she may be a bit hostile for a short period before Lily understands that the lunch counter is officially closed. Afterwards they will be friends.

  2. Hi Bryan -
    Checking posts for Steve so he can stay off his feet for the rest of the evening. Lily is a silver tabby. Esther is not quite dried up to be spayed ...but within a couple weeks, unless she goes into heat sooner. Mama Esther is more patient with Lily trying to nurse but 'grandma' Stella has to make sure no nursing is going on or Esther will continue to be stimulated and won't dry up. It's not going to be easy keeping them apart but I have to while we sleep. Any tips? And speaking of sleep, I'm going to try to get some.... Stella

  3. Aww what a beauty...The cat's pretty too!

    I look forward to may happy posts featuring the new loves of your lives

  4. jams - Stella thanks you for the compliment. Lily says, what have you got for me to eat? :-)



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